Life begins at home

Life begins at home is a guide to housing for families and children (download the guide) and a training and development resource for housing, health and social care staff to help families with children with autism/learning disabilities that display challenging behaviour, to get the housing they need (download the training pack).
Life begins at home report coverLife begins at home has been funded by NHS England and supported by the Challenging Behaviour Foundation.

The purpose of the guide is to help families and front line housing, health and social professionals understand the housing choices available to them.

We encourage local authorities, NHS Trusts and advice organisations to adapt this guide for local use. If you would like a text only version of the guide to adapt, please contact

This guide is accompanied by a training and development pack and films that help health, housing and social care professionals reflect on and understand their role in helping families get the housing they need.
Download the guideDownload the training packWatch the videos There are 7 short films in the training and development pack:

  1.   Life begins at home training pack cover What families say
  2.   The issues that families with children with autism/learning disabilites who display challenging behaviour face
  3.   What helps keep the child in the family home
  4. What helps families get the right housing
  5. Examples of good housing solutions
  6. What housing departments can do to improve
  7. Top tips for health, housing and social care staff
  8. Resources

With thanks to organisations that have shared their resources relating to housing and families with children that have autism/learning disabilities who display challenging behaviour.

The documents listed below have been shared by:
Croydon Health Services NHS Trust and College of Occupational Therapists.

For more online resources visit:

Challenging Behaviour Foundation resources

Paving the way: Early intervention for children with learning disabilities whose behaviours challenge

Shared resources

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