Family investment in housing

This page has technical information about how a family member can provide housing for their relative.There are a number of ways that a family member can pay for or leave a property to a relative.

This fact sheet tells you about seven ways:

  1. Outright Purchase - or to rent, to be inherited or put in trust (5, 6 and 7 below).
  2. Shared Ownership privately financed - parents fund part of the cost of a Shared Ownership home - part rent, part buy.
  3. Joint Ownership with other families or individuals - a group of families pool resources to buy an existing property or build new.
  4. Company Ownership - a group or people, form a company to buy or build. This is a useful option for larger groups who can even build a block of flats.
  5. Buy to Rent - a property is purchased for renting.
  6.  Inheritance - a property is directly inherited. A variant is for the property to be sold and proceeds used to buy property outright or on Shared Ownership terms.
  7. Property in a Discretionary Trust - instead of direct inheritance the property is put into a Trust.

The information family investment is too long to fit on this webpage. To get a document with full information, click on the link under Downloads at the bottom of this page.
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