Getting care and support - where to start

This page tells where to get help with care and support.

Paying for Support

Most support is paid for or provided by your council or the NHS so this is usually the best place to start. They can do this by asking an organisation to give you support, or giving you a Personal Budget or Direct Payment so you can get support yourself.

Social Services will tell you if you are eligible for funding or services. There is something called 'Fair Access to Care' that will help you to know more about whether you are likely to be get funding or a service from them.If you need support because of your health, you may get Continuing Care Funding from the NHS.

Finding support

You can talk directly to support providers to find out about their services and see if they can give you what you need. You can find support providers easily online at places like this Find me good care.

Housing Benefit may pay for some assistive technology that is connected to your home.

You can pay for things like a cleaner or home help or meals on wheels out of your own income.
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