Paying for housing

This page tells you about five ways of paying for housing.
There are five main ways that people who have a learning disability pay for housing:

  1. Housing Benefit (HB) - will pay for the rent in most rented situations if you receive Income Support or you have a low income. It will also pay the rented part of shared ownership. Housing Benefit is called Local Housing allowance (LHA) if you rent from a private landlord or a charity.
  2. Support Mortgage Interest (SMI) - will pay interest on a mortgage up to £200,000 if you come under certain rules when buying a home. Many people with a learning disability do come under these rules when they buy through shared ownership or buy outright.
  3. From wages or your own money - if you work, you may have to pay some or all of your rent and mortgage. It is important to get advice about your situation.
  4. Social Services or the NHS will pay for your housing and care if you are in registered or nursing care. Sometimes when you need housing that is more expensive, the NHS or Council can pay some of your housing costs. If you have a Personal Budget, you can use some of your money to help with housing costs if it is part of your agreed support plan.
  5. Family money or a Trust - some people have a trust or their family have money and can help pay for housing.
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