This page is about Rajinder. He is buying his own home.
Photo of RajinderRajinder lives in his own home. He bought it through a shared ownership scheme with a housing association. Shared ownership means that you buy part and rent part of your home

Photo of RajinderRajinder lived with his family and had wanted his own home for a long time. He had tried everything he could but he was only offered a group home. A shared ownership scheme started in his area and he was able to buy a flat.

Photo of RajinderRajinder got a mortgage that is paid by income support. He had to pay a solicitor to help him buy his flat so he arranged to pay the solicitor’s fees over several months. This meant that he did not need much money to buy his flat.

Photo of RajinderRajinder’s brothers and sisters took turns to stay with him at first while he got used to being in his own home.Rajinder gets help from his family to deal with bills and money. He has learned a lot of new skills like cooking and housework.Rajinder has now got his black belt in Tae-kwon-do and can teach children.
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