Polly and Katharine

This page is about Polly and Katharine. They rent from a private landlord.
Photo of Catherine and PollyPolly and Katharine went to school together and have been friends for a long time. When Polly left residential college, they decided that they wanted to move in together. Polly needed to find somewhere quickly so her care manager suggested a residential care home but Polly did not want that, she wanted to live with Katharine.

Photo of Catherine and PollyPolly went to an estate agent and found lots of houses for her and Katharine to live in. Their parents helped them find a house in an area where they could get to work and college easily and helped them with a deposit. Their rent is paid by Housing Benefit but it took a long time to get.

Photo of Catherine and PollyThey get help from an organisation that helped them learn independent living skills. They have a support tenant who lives with them and gives some support and in return does not have to pay rent. At first they had someone around all the time they were at home but they have both learned to be more independent and don’t need it now.

Photo of Catherine and PollyKatharine and Polly had to move after a year because their landlord was selling the house. They got another house close by because there are always plenty of rented houses around.Polly and Katharine are in the video Your Place to Live.
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