This page tells you about Paul. He lives in a KeyRing network.
Photo of PaulPaul used to live with his mum in Chapeltown, Leeds. He moved into his own flat a year and a half ago. It is close to his mum’s house.

Photo of PaulPaul rents his flat from a housing association and lives in a Keyring network with nine other people who all have their own flats. One person is a support worker and helps everyone in the network to live independently. The other people in the network also help each other.

Photo of PaulPaul enjoys the independence of having his own flat but still sees his mum regularly for some tea and to get help with his washing.

Photo of PaulPaul volunteers for the Inclusion Project in Leeds and is also paid to work for Rooots, a project working on raising people’s awareness of the discrimination that people from the black/asian community who have learning difficulties face. Paul loves football and is a big fan of Arsenal and Thierry Henry.
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