This page is about Netta. She lives in an extra care scheme.
Netta photoNetta lives in an Extra Care scheme.She has her own flat with a lounge, kitchen, bedroom and bathroom. There are 25 other people living there in their own flats. Some of these people are older people and some people are others with a learning difficulty.Netta likes it there because she can go out when she wants.

Netta photoNetta had lived in the hostel in the picture and a hospital before that she did not like.Netta moved into Prescotts, the extra care scheme when it opened in December 2003.

Netta photoNetta gets help to live independently and there is always someone around all day and night if she needs help. The staff work hard to help Netta be as independent as possible and Netta uses email, emergency alarms and a video door entry.Netta pays a cleaner to help her every week.

Netta photoNetta has made friends with others who live there both with and without learning difficulties. Netta gets involved in fundraising activities with other tenants.There is a shared dining room where tenants can buy a cooked lunch if they want so Netta sometimes eats there.Netta has more freedom now than she has ever had in her life
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