This page is about Liz. She lives in her own flat. Other people with learning disabilities have their own flats in the same block.
Liz photoLiz lives in a cluster flat. This means she has her own flat but in a block with others who have a learning disability.Liz has her own bedroom, kitchen, lounge and bathroom.Liz really likes it but it is in a village where the buses stop at 6pm and it is difficult to go out.

Liz photoThree other people have their own flats. They all lead their own lives but sometimes go out together or share a meal. There is some space where staff can work and all of the tenants can use.Liz gets help from staff to manage bills and money.

Liz photoLiz has lived in many other places that she didn’t like, like this big hostel, residential care homes and places far away from her family and friends. She wants to live in the same town as her Mum and is now trying to get a home there.

Liz photoLiz has lived in places where she has had either not enough support or too much support.Being in a cluster flat has really helped Liz to become independent because she can do things for herself and get help only when she needs it.
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