This page tells you about Christopher, who is buying his home using shared ownership.
Christopher photo'My name is Christopher. I live in my own place and have my own tenancy. I moved in five years ago. I live on my own with support from BUILD. My place is a two-up, two-down, end-of-terrace Victorian house.'

Christopher photoChristopher lived with his family until he was in his 30's. He'd had a taste of independence at a residential college and wanted to try out living more independently. His family found it hard to let go but, with lots of good support, they managed it.

Christopher photoChristopher bought his home through shared ownership. This means you buy part of your home and rent part of your home. Christopher did this through a housing association. His family put some money towards his home. He was able to buy a home near his family.

Christopher photoChristopher now has his own home, in the place where he wants to live. He chooses and plans what he does. He chooses how and when he wants support. He takes part in planning the support rota. He chooses what happens in his own home.
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