H&SA 2015 Annual Conference

Rising to the Challenge

Independent Living and People with Learning Disabilities

Manchester, 19th November 2015

This year’s annual conference, Rising to the Challenge- Independent Living and People with Learning Disabilities will be focussed on how we continue to enable people with learning disabilities to have control over their lives in our rapidly changing political and economic environment.

Independent Living is often misunderstood and people confuse it with living by yourself. By Independent Living, we mean the broad principles that disabled people have choice and control over their lives and we know that this can result in a wide variety of living and working situations.

At our conference this year will be asking our speakers to tell us what they think the challenges will be and how we might deal with them. Our members, HFT will be asking families around the country to challenge us by writing their challenge on a piece of paper and taking a photograph to share. We would also like our members and the people our members support to give us all a challenge and take a photograph to share at the conference and on social media.

It would be great if you could do the following:

Use the templates at the bottom of this page or do your own with the hashtag #hsachallenge
  • Write your challenge and / or ; ask your staff and the people you support what they want from you as a supporter or commissioner
  • Keep it short and write it down in dark felt tip on white paper
  • Take a photo so that the challenge can be easily read
  • Check that people are happy that the photograph is shared on social media, at our conference and in a film of the conference
  • Put it on your own social media pages with #hsachallenge and/or

Challenge Document.pdf
Challenge sign Black.pdf
Challenge sign Blue.pdf
Challenge sign Green.pdf
Challenge sign Orange.pdf
Challenge sign Red.pdf
Challenge sign Purple.pdf

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