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March 14th 2014

Thank you so much for supporting me and --------. Your suggestions for the letter to DLA and the research was a great help and encouragement.

I am very grateful to you for making time for us and often acting on short notice and your prompt responses.

One down, few more to go. Slowly but surely we will get there.

January 28th 2014

I am asked to give some feedback on the help that you have given us, and I would say excellent and A*, as an exam mark. Tammy has been very quick and sympathetic in answering all my complicated and rather naive questions on housing benefit etc. 
She has been an 'extra star' by mentioning us to a large grant donor who is waiting in the wings to give some money to a good family-run cause. We wait and see on this. When we find some land, and get the project actually up and running, then I would ask if we can meet up with Tammy and go over matters in more detail. With many thanks to all at Housing and Support. Hooray.

January 16th 2014

I heard only yesterday that I had won the appeal and that they reinstated an indefinite award of higher rate for care!! Thank goodness. What a relief. 

Thank you for your support, it was greatly valued.

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